What kind of "songs" do I teach?

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2021

I mostly share short, easy-to-learn chants and mantras in english and other languages.

I grew up singing lovely hippie chants (Libana anyone?) in English and other languages and falling asleep at drum circles with my parents. My mom is a music therapist, and her joy for song lives on in me. Thanks, Mom ( :

I find my brain soothed by chanting in another language like sanskrit, gurmukhi or native american languages...and I find my heart come alive with devotion when I sing english songs that are like little compasses for my heart and mind.

Kirtan (call-and-response Sanskrit chanting) is part of many yoga traditions. My husband Trevor Eller is a passionate non-sectarian kirtan chant leader and guitar player. We love to chant together around the house and listen to chanting music like a bunch of yoga dorks.


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What is an embodiment practice?

An embodiment practice helps to cultivate awareness of our spatial, visceral, emotional, mental, and energetic selves so as to gain a greater sense of choice, self-connection, self-regulation, and freedom.

‍ An Embodiment Practice uses the body to slow down our automatic reactions and habituated patterns (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, etc.)

An Embodiment Practice can use guided or free-form movement, sounding, or stillness to access thoughts, feelings, and beliefs hidden from our day-to-day thinking patterns.

An Embodiment Practice can be a way to deepen and integrate the healing benefits of traditional Psychotherapy, Manual and Physical Therapies.

Do you think of your yoga practice as an embodiment practice?

Can you think of some daily routines you've turned into an embodiment practice? (dishes, nursing, gardening?)

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What kind of Yoga do I teach?

    • I teach many different styles of yoga to accommodate the different seasons and cycles of life of a female-bodied person. This is my core purpose and mission.
    • Classes are inspired by some names you might know: Classical Hatha Yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, prenatal/postpartum and gentle yoga. Some styles that might be new to you: Yoga for your Ayurvedic body-type, joint-freeing yoga (anti-rheumatic yoga), womb yoga, and nature-connected yoga.
    • Overall, my style is feminine, gentle, nourishing, and permissive to your intuitive guidance and personal wisdom.
    • My yoga classes are informed by subtle yoga anatomy, as well as modern fascial antomy, physiology, biomechanics, and neuroscience. (I teach anatomy for the 200-hour program at schoolcraft community college, in Livonia, MI)
    • I'm no Yoga Philosophy expert but I find tremendous guidance from the yamas and niyamas of yoga (ethical guides), and enjoy musing on using these as a guides in our life as women. (Also some...
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