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Weekly (Live) Yoga Class

GENTLE YOGA + SONG | Saturday mornings 9-10:30am EST

Join my Zoom Classes and get guidance that honors the anatomical and emotional needs of a Menstruating, Preconception, Postpartum, or Perimenopausal body.  

Nourish yourself as a cyclical being in a linear world. All ages, all stages, all identities welcome. 


Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga and Support Group

THE NOURISHED WOMB | Membership program beginning in 2022.

Online live Prenatal Yoga and Postpartum Yoga + a shame-free mama village. Begin or adapt your yoga practice for pregnancy, immediately after birth (first 8-12 weeks), and the first 24 months postpartum. 

Get a village experience of connection with other moms going through the same rite of passage, whether it be with your first baby or 5th.


Yoga + Alternative Education Young Adult Program

Online live for girls and women on the threshold of adulthood. Womb Yoga + Group Mentoring for ages 16-25 looking for a gap-year, unschool/homeschool group mentorship support program.

Find greater physical, emotional, and spiritual balance through movement and meditative practices that use the power of the menstrual cycle as a personal guide. 

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When women are nourished, supported, and safe in their bodies the whole village thrives.



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