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Gentle Yoga & Song 

SATURDAYS • 9-10:30am EST • PRE-REGISTER payments can be sent via Venmo or Paypal • Zoom Link Below

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Gentle Yoga and Song for Women

– Saturdays 9-10:30 am via Zoom ​

All female-bodied or identified yoginis are welcome. You can expect gentle, slow, and nurturing postures and flowing sequences that nourish the womb (or womb-space) and heart. We will begin with brief check-ins and end with simple English or Sanskrit songs. (You're muted on Zoom, so sing away!)

A perfect class for considerations specific to the female body or pelvis such as preconception and postpartum, peri-menopause, or simply surrounding a woman's cycle of bleeding. In each practice, special attention will be given to the pelvic floor, core, and heart center through movement, stillness, breathing, and song. Join us in a sweet circle of deep rest and gentle body awareness.

PRE-REGISTER: Suggested donation $5-$25. To register for a class, send your payment through Venmo @miriamdowdeller or PayPal to [email protected] using the “sending to friends or family” option will also work. Join us at this Zoom Link. (please note, you'll need to wait to be let in, so please arrive to class a few minutes early).

Meeting ID: 899 9270 8114

PROPS (not required, but may enhance your practice!)

  • Stable chair nearby (not on wheels).

  • Yoga Mat (Or be on a firm, non-slippery floor.)

  • 1-2 Bolsters (Or a few firm pillows and/or couch cushions.)

  • 2-4 Blocks (Or a couple of stacks of hardcover books, each about 6 inches tall.)

  • 2-3 Yoga Blankets (Or firm, tightly woven blankets and or beach towels). 

  • Yoga Belt (or gather an old tie, the belt from your bathrobe or some other kind of belt or rope that’s laying around.)

  • Eye Pillow (or scarf…something to cover your eyes at the end!) 

Please set up your camera and quiet practice space 10-minutes before class so we can start settled and ready when class begins! I'll be available for any questions or a hello before or after class! 


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